Vera de Gernier

Self-taught, mixed media artist
This where it began......

Grew up in former USSR, Vancouver, Canada is my sweet home with my two wonderful children and grandchildren, but for the past 8 years have been living and working in London, England. While my background is in the Hospitality Industry, a couple of years ago "out of blue" I started developing an inexplicable interest and love for creating art. I knew I had an eye for my DIY projects, but art was something people go to schools for years. 

While experimenting different techniques in order to find my own style, I discovered an attraction to mixed media. I can never get bored and continue to explore various mediums. I hope the pleasure, experiment and sense of adventure involved in the creative process shows up through my artworks. Majority of my pieces are untitled and I struggle come up with names. The reality is when I am creating one of my canvases, I am not really thinking about the title, I just have a vision of how the artwork will look once it is completed.

I also have a passion for photography by capturing images on the streets of London and during my travel adventures around Europe.

If you are interested in prints please contact me directly or you can purchase through www.fineartamerica.com (Vera de Gernier)